When you can’t knit a hat – try a loom

When you can’t knit a hat – try a loom

It’s hat season, but if you can’t knit, try a hat loom.

This baby hat pictured uses two strands of Super Soft Baby Aran from James C Brett and we sell the hat looms in set of 4 looms from baby to adult.
You can make a hat in just a few hours. The tops are gathered together when complete and you can keep it as it is or just stick a pom-pom on top.

TIP: Hair in a bun and hats never fit? Then gather the top with elastic and stick your bun through the top for a unique ready-made pom-pom! 

As the pegs are quite wide apart in looms, you need thicker wool.  Super Chunky is ideal, but you can use two strands of wool together for great effect without your hat looking gappy – two strands of Aran is ideal.  You’ll need 100g wool for an adult hat on a loom.

For the knitters out there, we have a wide-range of hat patterns from berets to beanies and all the wool you need!