Meet the owners – Trevor and Julie Yeardye

Meet the new owners of the Bourton Basket

On September 2, 2016 Trevor and Julie Yeardye took over as new owners of the Bourton Basket.


Julie has been sewing since the age of eight, when she was taught by her Grandmother in Chipping Norton. She soon picked up a fondness for dressmaking, knitting and crochet.

Before moving into wool and haberdashery, Trevor Yeardye was a highly-acclaimed bathroom designer, with bathrooms featured in leading UK magazines including Ideal Homes magazine. He was also nominated for Best Customer Service at the Kitchen, Bedrooms and Bathrooms Awards. So he genuinely loves being in the shop and meeting and chatting with everyone who visits.

The Elvis bit

Trevor and Julie Yeardye both love all things vintage and collect 20th Century homewares and antiques. They are both HUGE Elvis Presley fans and in their spare time you’ll find Trevor and Julie at a vintage fair, rock and roll event or more likely doing something Elvis-related. They have also organised and promoted several Elvis cruises, events and holidays.

Influenced by a love for dressmaking, Julie is very passionate about costumes in film, from the 1940s – 1960s, and was invited by Graceland to write a book on Elvis Presley’s personal and stage wardrobe, where she was given unprecedented access to the Graceland Archives.
Julie is also the editor of and UK news host on Always Elvis Radio